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We provide network, knowledge and capital

Our Team


The Rent Company

The Rent Company provides SaaS solutions for digital education

Travel Health Group

Travel Health Group market leader in anti-insect products and travel healthcare innovations.


Jachthaven.nl is the leading online platform for Dutch nautical activities and marina's

Beekman Group

Beekman Group combines fashion and staff styling concepts worldwide


Flexkids is the leading ERP platform for Dutch childcare institutions

Sparkling Society

Wereldwijd spelen miljoenen mensen de 'city building games' van Sparkling Society op hun mobiele telefoons.



Drogisterij.net is active since 1999 and has a dominant position as Dutch online drugstore

Instituut voor Hyperbare Geneeskunde

Het Instituut voor Hyperbare Geneeskunde (IvHG) is market leader in hyperbaric oxygen treatments


Maxxton has a leading software solution for residential recreation, hotel and hospitality industry.

Starr Trading Europe

Starr Trading Europe is Eurpean market leader in development and production of inventory for holiday resorts and hotels.


BB Capital is a selected partner of the European Angels Fund, en initiative of the European Commission, the European Investment Bank en the European Investment Fund. With the help of the European Angels Fund the European Commision is stimulating growth for dutch businesses.


BB Capital

BB Capital manages several funds, each with their own expertise and focus. 

  • BB Capital Investment Fund - This fund manages participations in companies with growth ambitions within BB Capital focus areas.
  • Textile Innovation Fund - TIF provides shareholders capital for innovative scale-up companies - majority and minority stakes - related to textile industry.
  • Caretheker Investments Fund - This fund manages participations in comanies that are active in the Dutch healthcare market. BB Capital has broad experience in this field.

Textile Innovation Fund

The Textile Innovation Fund is a dedicated fund managed by BB Capital. TIF stands for innovation in textile business: from fibre to bits, and from strings to sensors. >> TIF website<<

Growth capital, management & expertise

TIF provides equity capital for companies, management and expertise throughout the entire process: from investment until buyout

Scale up!

Ready for the next step? TIF helps textile innovation to the next level. So are you ready to scale up?