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BB Capital Investments
Buy & Build Capital

BB Capital stands for Buy & Build Capital: an investment company where entrepreneurial investors and entrepreneurial companies are connected, established to provide active growth capital. BB Capital invests not only capital but also wishes to contribute to the growth of a company by sharing knowledge and industry experts from its network. BB Capital is actively involved in the management processes. The focus of BB Capital differs considerably from the ‘regular’ private equity firms. The aim is to add value to the core of the business and we thereby focus on performance rather than leverage. This results in a longer investment horizon than usual in the private equity world.

The strength of BB Capital is specialized in quality management. BB Capital Investments has an experienced Supervisory Board acting as investment committee and as a source of in depth knowledge. The members of this Board are active in business and experts in their specific fields. Investors in BB Capital funds are from different fields of expertise, they are all experienced entrepreneurs with a professional organization and a large network. This combination of network resources and entrepreneurship can be an extensive value adding asset to any company within the funds.

Working Method

BB Capital offers a wide network of influential and experienced entrepreneurs, offering committed capital and being able to provide customized support.

Committed capital

Open investmenthorizon

Focus on the right exit momentum for each specific participant. 

Long(er) term horizon then regular Private Equity is an option. 

Customized services

Flexibel structures

Custom Investment management: monitoring and support on frequent terms.

Every participation has dedicated structure.


Entrepreneurs united

Providing availability of business capital. 

Broad network of investors, wealthy families and experienced entrepreneurs.


BB Capital does not manage a fund in the classical way. Investors are committed to BB Capital, giving us flexibility in structuring. 


Investments are done on a case-by-case basis structured without any investment horizon. The commitment is op to have certain conditions implemented.


Investors are involved with BB Capital Investments. each investor has a seat in the investment committee that is guiding in strategy of portfolio businesses and has an advisory role. 

BB Capital is mainly active in the traditional sectors like production, services, IT, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), trade and healthcare.


BB Capital Investments have to be bound to the following criteria:

  • Dutch SME company with a strong or leading position in a niche market with possible growth and exit strategies. 
  • Capitaal from EUR 2 to 5 miljlion. Possibly more with co-investors
  • EBITDA minimum EUR 2 million.
  • Professional en committed management; commitment selling shareholder.
  • Majority stake (minority only by exceptional circumstances)

BB Capital does not invest in companies on projectbasis or in leisure, horeca, real estate and start-ups.

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